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World Situation

As a military man, you may know that◆ The Iraq War began on March 20, 2003. Until August 30, 2011, the death toll is more than 15,000. ◆ The number of death in the 2011 Libyan war is already about 2000 and the war is still undergoing. As a police man, you may know that ◆ In America, a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty every 57 hours on average... +more

Why Need MENBO: Protect Your Life

At MenBo, we understand that the safety of life cannot be conpromised at any cost. We measure quailty on the confort & cost effectiveness. MenBo believes in basis of performance, safety, reliability delivering products of the highest standards to its customers. Stringent checks are carried out by our in-house  ... +more

The Protection from MENBO

MenBo is founded by a UK doctor who is specialized in body armour research for many years and untied by international well-known experts and professors in international protection field around the world.  ... +more

International Threat Levels

Due to the vast numbers of bullets and calibres existing today, and more being developed constantly, the number of conceivable threats is quite endless. Although offering absolute protection against every developed & conceivable threat is a landmark that MenBo aspires to achieve, its various personal protection products currently adhere, follow and conform to a va... +more

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