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Bulletproof products - Helmet


Catalogue No. : MB-HL001
MenBo helmet is made of high quality non-woven UHMWPE or Aramid fabric and manufactured with special methods of our own. The helmet is non-bounce, light, waterproof, UV -roof, shock-proof and comfortable to wear.

Design features
◆ Protect the head from blunt impact, such as falling over or falling objects
◆ Provide adequate ventilation to reduce heat and improve comfort
◆ Low centre of gravity and stable to wear
◆ Simple to wear - easy to put on and adjust
◆ stand under various extremes of weather

Protection level
◆ NIJ level IIIA

Protection Areas
◆ Full front, top & side




Size Length Width Height Circumference Weight Coverage area
Small 240mm 215mm 162mm 510-540 1.23kg
Medium 251mm 219mm 164mm 540-580 1.33kg
Large 262mm 226mm 169mm 580-620 1.43kg